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Children Need to Believe in Themselves


In the Patchquilt world of Welby and the Knobby King, Kateri Courtney illustrates the importance of family and believing in oneself. And when children become better readers, they find it easier to succeed at everything, all through school and on into adulthood.

The sixth of twelve children, Kateri has been coming up with stories for years to teach self-belief and entertain both siblings and her own children. "Children are looking for someone to believe in whether it's a parent or another relative," she says. "I also want children to learn how to believe in themselves. If you can't believe in yourself, it is impossible to believe in others." Welby and the Knobby King is the first book in the Patchquilt Novel series.

Welby and the Knobby King

Welby Wandernaught is twelve years of age, the time when he is to make the journey up Storytelling Mountain to see Nora, the Great Storyteller herself. It is Nora who created them and their colorful world, a patchquilt that flows from the mountaintop where she spins her magical tales.

But Welby's trip is filled with danger when Nora's evil twin sister, Asurion, casts a spell that causes Welby and Amelia, the Queen's daughter, to fall into the Great Beyond, a dark land surrounding the quilt. It is there that Welby encounters spider-like creatures who capture villagers to work in the mines of the evil Knobby King.

It is up to Welby to return to his enchanted world and help lead the Queen's Royal Guard as they try to rescue Amelia and the other captives. The journey is filled with the unexpected—Bog and his band of forest dwellers, the spells of Asurion, the anger of the Knobby King, and the magic of a blue velvet bag. Welby and the Knobby King will take you into a world like no other you have imagined as it explores the true meaning of friendship, courage, and love.

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